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Karkoo was established by Jane and Peter Rowat over 20 years ago as a wholesale garden centre in Mount George, which is still in operation today. A lot of the plants you’ll find in our stores are sustainably grown by us, using recycled pots and none of the harsh chemicals/growth inhibitors widely used in the industry. Growing plants ourselves also helps keep our prices low while sustainably producing plants that are healthy, strong and hardened off to our local conditions. 


The decision to open our first retail store was due to the demise of many small independent garden centres. With less businesses to supply, in 2016 Jane and Pete were faced with the tough decision of closing their wholesale nursery or taking a risk and going retail. Karkoo Blackwood was then opened and quickly became an iconic indoor plant, home/gift store and nursery. However, only ever being given short-term leases at Blackwood, Karkoo’s future was far from secure with the site owned by the Mitcham Council and set for development. Fortunately, the Rowat’s secured the future of Karkoo with the purchase of the Historic Johnston Brewery site, opened in 2021. 


Our flagship store in Oakbank spans across three acres filled with plants, pots, garden art, antique finds, a clothing boutique and home/gift store set amongst beautiful historic buildings. With the nature of this lovely site we have expanded into hospitality too, hosting workshops run by local creatives, events including High Teas and regular daily dining with a 150 seat licensed Garden Café in what was the original horse stables. 


We have made an effort to preserve and showcase the rich history this destination has to offer, it is one of South Australias first breweries after all! 

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