Address: 207 Main Road, Blackwood 5051 

Mobile: 0400 310 430 (Jane) 

Facebook: Karkoo Nursery 



If you are planning a garden or landscaping job please call or email us for a current stock list.

Free delivery avaliable depending on location 

Front page of a sales brochure for the property circa 1925

Welcome to Karkoo, one of South Australia's most beautiful and earliest nurseries, dating from around 1900. 

We grow a vast range of plants, including numerous landscaping lines, hedging (box hedge, pittosporums, viburnums etc), grasses, colourful perennials, annuals, gift lines and much more.

We also stock rare and unusual plants, rustic furniture, giftware and garden art.


One of our gift lines: "mixed colour bowls".
These popular bowls are made up of annuals & perennials with a feature plant in the centre.
They make a fantastic centre piece on any outdoor setting, and when they start to look tired (long after a bunch of flowers would have given up the ghost) you can plant them out in the garden for months and months of long lasting colour!